Alba Adventures – OFF SEASON 6 EP2 – THE DIP – Northeast, USA



Life is a journey
that must be traveled,
The destination is important,
but it is how you choose to get there…

“There are no crossroads, only roads, only roads.” By Sandro Alba


“An orgasmic cosmic visualization of life”


“This was not what we expected, it was so much more. Thrilling, beautiful a spectacle of what life should be..”

Recorded and edited by The Alba Family
Alba Family
Clateman Family
Depunte Family
McKeon Family
Craig Chapman
Brian Bsmuda
Audrey Eckert
Beatrice B.

Filming Locations

Candlewood Lake
Mine Hill Preserve
Andover Lake
Taughannock Falls, NY
Buffalo, NY
Niagara Falls, NY
Wilson Tuscarora State Park, NY
Fort Niagara State Park, NY
Buttermilk Falls State Park, NY
Watkins Glen State Park, NY
Wallkill River, New Paltz, NY
Minnewaska State Park, NY
Rockaway Beach, NY
New York Harbor, NY

South Freeport, ME

Falmouth, MA

Special Thanks
Depunte Family
Eckert Family
Buffalo River History Tours, NY
Bliss Woods, South Freeport, ME
New Paltz Kayaking Tours, NY

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