Season 2 Episode 7 – Lailah’s Turn – Pico Mountain

Our winter family friends the Pollacks joined us for a powder day at Pico Mountain. Having convinced Lailah to give skiing a shot, it was apparent to us that Lailah was a natural on skis. 

After a couple hours of lessons, then some time with her Mom, Dad and us Albas; Lailah was ready to make her first summit. 

With only two days of skiing under her young belt, Lailah made it successfully down in some of the hardest and deepest conditions we have seen this year on Pico. About 20 inches of new snow and many many bumps lined the easiest blue run down the mountain, making it seem more like a black run even to us advanced skiers. 

Speaking of advanced skiers; our friend’s daughter Brigitte has advanced to double blacks, skiing down hard runs like she had been doing it for longer than she has been skiing; which some of you know is only a couple of weeks. Longer skis, shorter poles and personal coaching time with us I hope helped. 

We hope you enjoy this latest episode titled “Lailah’s Turn” and we look forward to joining some of you on the slopes to take laps with us and too be part of our Alba Adventures. 

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