Alba Adventures – Season 6 Episode 4 – Sun Mountain- Bromley Mountain, VT

In 1971, the then 72-year old Fred Pabst, former President of Pabst Brewing Company    responded about going in to the ski business, “It was just a case of giving up beer for fresh air. I was able to ski all day and apres ski when it got dark. I have never been sorry.”

Those who knew him thought it he would start spending his winters in the South, but it never happened. Pabst response was, that he was  “not geared to go where the wild ducks go. I’m tuned in to where the lift lines go.”

As the temperatures drops and the days get shorter, you maybe thinking of a destination to escape the cold. Not too far from the border of the Green Mountain State, sits the only resort with southerly views. Even on its coldest days the sun’s rays here will make it feel warm.

With Fred Pabst sense of adventure, he traded in a life behind a desk, for creating a ski resort and, the Bromley Mountain Outing Club,  that gives back to its youngest a life-long appreciation of snow sports. This families that come here pursue a winter tradition of skiing and riding and Bromley Mountain makes it possible.

Who knew that planting oats and winter rye, in the Hapgood State Forest would allow skiers to enjoy powder on a mere four inches of snow? You will have to “come ski it for yourself” on these Blue Ribbon Trails,

And if you are lucky enough to make it on a clear day you will be graced with a longer day than most on Bromley’s….. Sun Mountain.

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