Season 4 Ep 2 – Wishes – Pico & Okemo, VT

Wishes –

With blurred vision
We are not sure how this happened
It was the perfect day with close friends
And Winter
The skiing seemed perfect
Our winter has only begun and sadly it may now be lost

Having a ski house and holidays brings no shortage of great company
Celebrating the birth and the lights
With song, laughter, and endless food
These distractions were welcome.

With snow in the forecast
And our friends in town in from the Big Apple
We met up with Tony, Seneca, Lyra, Brigit
And set out to play at PICO
Kyle dropping knee
Jen hitting bumps
The kids and I
And Chris hitting Pike
We skied till dark then went to celebrate New Years Eve…
Needless to say, we were all in rare form
On New Year’s Day
Alicia, Nevada and I set off to Ludlow
To see the town and take our minds off skiing
With Okemo in the backdrop
We can only remember our great day there just 2 weeks ago
The mountain was just delightful and we had hoped to go back there this season.

We return to our winter home
And prepare to make way back to NYC
Heartbroken, afraid, unsure
One wishes for things
One wishes for money
Our wishes are for health
And for Alicia to recover quickly

So, we can all ski as a family again

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