Alba Adventures Featured in Jay Peak Resort Magazine

Since we started skiing again, we have always tried to take an annual trip to Jay Peak during Spring Break from which usually falls on Sandro’s Birthday; making this trip our last big hurrah before the end of the ski season.

Late last season, Jay Peak’s staff shocked us by asking if Ray and I were interested to be part of their 2019/2020 Winter Magazine. We weren’t sure what to do, and after careful consideration and speaking with a few locals we know, asking them if this was OK, we decided to say yes to this request, nervous of course the entire time.

We arrived at Jay Peak about a week later to meet with Andrew, and not only did he show us some secret stashes at Jay Peak, but we all got to hanging and splashing in the water park after a full day of skiing, which is part of our family tradition now. Needless to say, our time with him and at Jay Peak was arguably one of our most memorable experiences there to date.

We had a great time, but we were still not sure how the article and photos were going to turn out for the magazine and or if we would even make it into the magazine. To our surprise we did make the cut and we had gotten a glimpse of it not too long ago. What we can say is that we are incredibly moved by what Stephanie Nitsch wrote about us and the photos Andrew captured. The article which, we have only been able to read from this image, is beyond precious and tearful to us at the same time. Stephanie and Andrew really captured the essence of what we (Alba Adventures) are all about: you have the memories forever, not material things.

We can’t wait to go back up to Jay Peak again this season, hoping to make it there this time on a glorious powder day. To create more memories for us with our kids and our kids with us and hopefully their friends.

To those that have followed our project you may know why Jay Peak is so special to us, to those that have not, we ask that you watch “Sol Full Sunday” to understand why. The link is .

Thank you so much Jay Peak Resort, Steve Wright, Stephanie Nitsch and Andrew James Lanoue for this and all the years of your sharing our video shorts recorded there. We are eternally grateful for all that you have done for us Albas.