The Alba Adventures are pleased to announce the following supporting sponsors for our 2018/2019 season

No words can describe how we feel right now. This has been a family hobby of ours for many years and the thought of sponsorship was just a curiosity. To say that we are finally Brand Ambassadors to the following companies, well we are just elated and somewhat speechless.  Please do take a moment to visit these companies and of course, if you can become their customer, well all the better.

Thank you all for supporting us and believing in our mission.  We are just regular parents,  a working dad, a full-time mom and our kids.

Thank you,

The Alba Family




Outdoor Gear Inc a family owned business founded in 1999, began the process of reviving  long withstanding winter sports brand Boulder Gear in 2008. Their products and brands are an extension of their passion. Our family has used Boulder Gear outerwear for the last 3 years and we can only say great things about their products. Value to costs, making it economical for families, there are not many companies we can say this about. Their mission is to provide the best possible winter apparel products, pushing the envelope in design while providing comfort and warmth for those wet and cold days is paramount.  We are excited that the Garry Family have embraced the Albas to represent their brands in our videos.

Boulder Gear Collection

Using code “ALBA” will get you 35% off


Founded by Mike Lough, an outdoor enthusiast and world traveller, Mike decided to develop XEVO Optics with the goals of delivering the highest quality products to its customers,  at reasonable costs, and with the best warranties in the business. With XEVO Optics, you can feel rest assured that you will not have to hassle with returns as they have a no nonsense, no questions asked return policy.  Their products are amazing, and we highly recommend them.

Using code “ALBA” will get you 50% off



The following are friends of the Alba Adventures that have been supportive of us during the warmer months for cycling.

Toga Bicycles NYC
NEW YORK, NY 10023


We would love to be your Brand Ambassador or to shoot a story at your location.

Those that have seen our film shorts have great things to say and are surprised by what we produced, given we are a family of four that fell in love with filmmaking and shooting video.

Our stories are more compared to what Outside TV would produce with NO budget.  Knowing that our mission is working and people have become more motivated to get outside to ski and do outdoors activities with their families after watching our stories is our biggest driver!

With your sponsorship,  it will enable us to produce better stories, and it will be a bit easier on our personal wallets.  All you have to do is fill out our form to contact us.

We hope you will consider us. Please contact us for details on our reach.