EP4 – IMAGINATION – Smugglers’ Notch Resort


Hello to our friends and devoted ski families,

It is very unfortunate that the ski season has come to an abrupt end and while we are faced with many uncertainties in the coming weeks, we are grateful for the memories and connections that we have made with each of you.

Now that our family is quarantined in NYC, as a family we cherish our ski memories with you even more. As some of you know, our last weekend of the season was extra special. Not only did it come on a Leap Year, we were also able to ski in 30 plus inches of powder. Our bonus to that weekend was, that we were able to spend it with amazing friends that we have virtually known for years and only came to meet in Spring of 2019.

We hope that our last edit of the season will help you remember the good times, and that it will also help you get through these challenging days ahead of us.

Check in on your family and friends frequently. Tell them you love them no matter how difficult they can be. Wish them health and remind them of what is important. We are hoping that this will soon pass and we will be out on the hill with you once again; and this will be just become distant memory that we will always remember.

Thank you Boulder Gear and Xevo Optics for all you have done. Thank you Vermont.comSmugglers’ Notch Resort and Michael Chait for your support on this film short.

A special thanks to our advisory Luc Skypowder, Michael Elliott, Michael Doran, Jonathan Kamien, Kevin Gaisor, Tim Meyer and SimonTheGo for your help in previewing this film short and guidance on how we might improve it.

Thank you Hélène Archambault for joining us for the weekend and thank you for dinner!

We hope and pray that next season we will not have to rely on our imagination, we can all go ski.

To all, please be healthy and we hope that we can get ahead of this virus to play another day. We love and think of you all.

Please keep your families safe. Hugs and love from us.

With love,
The Alba Family

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