Off-Season 5 Episode 1 -The Island – NY, NY

Take a short adventure to New York City’s Governors Island, which is a must for everyone visiting and or living in this Big Apple.  Such an amazing place, rich in history and with incredible vistas of New York’s financial district and more.

The Island

There are days where you just don’t want to travel far for your fix on nature or things outdoors,

In all its hustle, New York City can surprise you, with its many green spaces to be discovered.

And the interesting ways to get there

Where you can be transported into times pasts,

Where you can take in the peacefulness,

In an urban jungle you can find an oasis

To play

To climb

To swing

To slide

With access to soar heights

To take in the incredible vistas

And experience America’s history,

A destination surrounded by water

That offers its visitors, an easy escape from the bustling city,

And in a short amount of time they can feel like they have been on an adventure, to “The Island”.

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