Season 4 Episode 4 – JOURNEY, Mountain Creek, NJ

Winter storm Stella impacted all of the Northeast, breaking snow fall records in most of New York and New Jersey region and upstate blowing numbers that will keep the East going through the end of April.

With the travel ban during the storm and most area mountains closed, we were itching to ski though we had to wait for the next day, which was a work and school day.

The kids got out early and with night skiing and daylight savings, we saw an opportunity to dig our car out of the city streets to ski nearby Mountain Creek in New Jersey which is 50 miles from New York City.

Our late day arrival didn’t produce the kind of deep snow we were hoping for, but there were some stashes here and there and nice soft bumps to ski on. We made sure to make the best of it, along with what seemed like the rest of NYC and NJ!

With crowds and daylight ending, we packed up and headed home, yearning for the weekend for more. Happy to have skied, and to have taken this nearby trip with our family.

As a family of skiers, we travel to get our fix. So, ski and see where your JOURNEY takes you.


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