Season 3 Episode 2 – EMBRACE- Pico, VT


It’s MLK Weekend 2016 and we arrive at Pico with family and friends, to enjoy winter and time together. Surprised to see Ray’s twin and equally surprised to see The Thrasher, and enjoying our time with him. 

Having the opportunity to witness that unforgettable time when our niece learned to ski, and seeing brothers cherish new moments on the last run of a great day!

Nothing beats waking up to fresh morning snow, knowing what fun the day had to bring. With the kids all ready, with knee deep stashes and tracked out powder, we all had loads of fun: on chair lifts up, on powder runs down, with time spent with mom and warming up by the fire.

With the kids all in the lodge and the sun now shining, us mom’s took a summit run. With Kirsten showing the way, it felt like a different day. With our friend Jenny following, Kirsten found an open glade.

My boys headed up and to our son’s excitement; they had the trail all to themselves, our son shared the last run of the day with dad. Unexpectedly being the last ones off the mountain

These are the the days to Embrace……..


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