Alba Adventures – Season 6 Episode 8 – Grateful – New York, NY


Our season finale -We are grateful to you.

– Kirsten, Nicholas Toadman, Kyle, Audrey and extended family, you certainly know how to have a good time.
– Kyle who knew walking a dog could be so dangerous?
-The Megan Hamilton-McKeon and Deb Depunte Families where is the time going?
– Annie and Natalia Ryan , Brad Fahsel you make 15,
– Tim a day at Pico is not complete without running into you last run.,
– Ben Smith, Brandon Pierce, Kevin Ferlan, Tom Emory, Dan Rubin, Gunther Sihler, Rich McCoy, Pamela Martin, Mike Spoth,
– Mike and Josh Moran, Nicole, Jillian and Kaitlyn our honorary cousins.
– Jeff, Beth, Sylvie and Daniel The First Saratoga Ski Family,
– Drew Podwal it has been too long.
-Tony Ong may your knee come back stronger than ever.
– John Guiffo, Icecoast Magazine, Janessa Purney Bromley Mountain, Katherine Rockwell MacLaughlin, Jim Drennan, Jonathan Keller, Vanessa Vincent.
– Eric Hu congratulations, Shane Donnelly we have to get your son on skis so he can ski MRG.
– Our first Canadian family, David Legault and Caroline Besner with their kids Philippe and Justin.
– The Cardella and Eastman Families for taking a leap of faith,
– Taylor Peyton, Connor Maloney, Jessica Weston, Tyler Lyon, Logan Owens, Timothy Mathers, Adam Lukowski, Jerrell,.
– David Nelson and the Plattekill Ski Patrol,
– The Schroeder and Corrigan Families and the Hartford Ski Club,
– Luc Skypowder and Denis Delbois the crazy Canadians,
– Steve Wright, Andrew Lanoue thank you for sharing some fantastic lines
– Steve, Peter and Tony from the Ski the East Group,
– Zac Mercauto cheers to November at Burke and May at Killington.
– Eric Friedman good luck with your new gig,
– Tom Thrash next season aim for last chair
– Sam Jafarian and Sarah Founds 2020 Colorado, Mike Mahalati, Anabel Wahlers and Rudi Reit sorry we missed you this season
– Michael Doran, Runa, Pontus, Nora and Benjamin next season we have to make it happen,
– Michael Elliott, Joey Wallis and Phil Paul Call thank you for pushing us
– Chris, Mimi and the Crowley Girls Mia, Talia and Shae whoever thought we would go from beach to snow?
– The Hoyts, Spencer we look forward to that ski day.
– To Rennie Alba, we are looking forward to Renorock 2.0. – To Nick Steers, we so look forward to all your family ski adventures – thank you
– The Thompson families
– To Tricia and Phil and PugSki
– To Harvey an NYSkiBlog
– And if we missed you, please know we are thinking and are grateful for you
– To our friends we have lost, we hope you are skiing and riding with our son Rocky.

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