Season 7 Episode 1 – Keepin’ it Real – Plattekill Mountain, NY


We have wanted to visit Plattekill Mountain, since we filmed “Catskill Heaven” and first ever interviews with Ski Patroller David Nelson. A casual conversation on the chairlift recalling his first visit to Plattekill and getting hooked, became the highlight of our story.

Ray, Alicia and Nevada were lucky enough to take a day trip. We were not planning on filming, but the vibe was so amazing we could not resist. To top it off we were able to connect with David, and some of the coolest ski patrollers around.

We hope that if you have not skied yet, “Keepin’ it Real” Episode 1 of Season 7, will surely have you psyched as much as us! Think Snow! Ski Ya Soon!

Our earlier visit – to “Catskill Heaven”

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