Season 2 Episode 4 – Catskill Heaven – Plattekill Mountain, NY

We hope you like our video. This place to us was “Almost Heaven”.

A change of weekend plans allowed us to check out a mountain we have heard great things about. The mountain you ask? Located deep in the heart of the Catskills in Roxbury, New York is Plattekill Mountain. Often referred to as the Mad River Glen of the Catskills, Plattekill is known to offer the most varied terrain for skiers and boarders within 3 hours of New York City.

For years we opted to ski more convenient mountains, like Hunter and Windham and at times drove longer and further North to other ski areas; sadly always passing this mountain up. This time, our opportunity came and we decided to make the drive.  We would see if this mountain really did ski like the famous Mad River Glen, which is arguably one of our favorite mountains in the Northeast. 

We found Plattekill Mountain, very inviting. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by the staff and felt right at home.  The central part of the base lodge includes its fireplace, which became a wonderful place for us to boot up and warm up during our breaks.

This is a ski mountain and not a resort. There is nothing fancy about the mountain but, it has so much more charm than many mountains we have visited. Though not the biggest, Plattekill offers some nice steep and long face runs, with many trails stemming off them. One run could easily become three when you count all the glades and bike trails that you are allowed to ski, of course at your own risk. 

After two full days of skiing, and meeting some of the coolest hardcore skiers, teles-skiers and boarders in the New York City area, we would say hands down, this is the best mountains to ski in the Catskills. We hope you will check out our video filmed at Plattekill, it really is “Almost Heaven”.

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