A fairy tale winter odyssey fit for the Greek Gods

The Greek Gods created beautiful things from Chaos

Creating the universe, the earth and life on it 

Birds were empowered to foretell the future and fortunes for those that worshiped the Gods,

By giving them sight

These birds would often take these disciples to divine places

Traveling far distances to locations they have never seen, 

And to places where those immortal have roamed

Some birds will take you as far as Elysium (ih-lizh-uh n)

Perhaps this is where we are, 

It is obvious the gods forged this place,

With nature in mind 

Where time is immaterial 

and you can move at your own pace.

Transcending consciousness on your odyssey

Clearly its age shows 

And we are sure that there are stories to be told

Like in Aesop’s Fables (ee·saap)

Messaged through its trees

You can hear the voices from heroes and the Gods 

Telling stories of battle,


and life

Tall tales 

and myths 

and the legends that were made 

As told in the Iliad

Where the hand of Artemis has crafted this mountain

Touching every stone

Every tree

And shaping every trail 

With the mighty strength of Mars 

and the help Of the North Wind 

Both enabling a perfect winters’ day 

And where Hermes is your guide and protector  (her-meez)

So that you safely navigate its maze

Risen from the ashes like a phoenix

This place is anything but ordinary

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