Ray (Dad) is lucky, because he has a twin. When they were just 6 years old, their Dad brought them to Masthope, PA and sent them on their own to figure it out. Together they learned how get on and off the chair lift and make it down the mountain. When he was not skiing, he was on his bicycle training for his next race. In 1992, when he brought Alicia skiing for the first time, She was hooked. He is glad that his family shares the sport together.

His favorite run is Ice Castle at Mad River Glen, VT, because it is so challenging and scenic. He hopes he can catch you on the mountain.


Alicia (Mom) did not learn how to ski until she was in her twenties. Ray brought her for a weekend of skiing with some friends to Elk Mountain, PA. Being from South Carolina she had hardly seen snow, much less a mountain with snow on in it.

She did not start out as a natural. While waiting in line to take a class, she managed to break Ray’s skis. Somehow, once she figured out how to pizza wedge, she had to go back for more. With both of them being hooked, they were able to ski numerous mountains on the east coast and even made a trip to the Swiss Alps in the mid 90s.

After taking a break for numerous years, she rediscovered skiing again. Her favorite Run is Poma Woods at Pico, Mountain, VT, because it is so nice to be able to ski in the woods without worrying too much about the kids




Sandro, who is almost 14 years old now, started out snowboarding in December 2010 at age 6. In December 2011, he decided to try skiing and has not been back since. Since then he has skied over 12 mountains in the northeast. His favorite run is Paradise at Mad River Glen, which he has only done once, but hopes to do it again next season.



 Nevada means “it snowed”. We had no idea we would be playing in the snow when we decided to name her Nevada. She got her first pair of skis just before she turned 3. Since then she has been trying to catch up with her big brother Sandro. Just before her 5th birthday, she rode the Mad River Glen single chair on her Mom’s lap for the first time. She has really come a long way since her toddler days and she is only 8 . Her favorite run is Can Am at Jay Peak, she says, because she loves the bumps.