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The whole @AlbaAdventureNY family makes skiing a very *real* thing: showing love of alpine skiing in its most basic, approachable form. This family has fun and it shows in every film they produce. #SkiingLifeR. Riet
You guys are a standard now! Alba standards video for sure! Nice one guys!Donnelly Family Media
Man you guy’s production quality keeps going up and up! What a cool narrative 👍RifeLife
This story sheds light on a less known fact about the origins of the great town and mountain of Mont Tremblant, and the people of Quebec.Tremblant
Footage is fitting of a treasure. Tremblant, a magical place with tons of Snow!Brandon Pierce
AMAZING video!! So well done and professional!! Felt very Warren Miller-esque with the narration and transitioning of scenes!! I love the editing and all the images too!!K. Anthony
A little winter magic at Bolton, Vermont from Alba Adventures Enjoy!
For Alba Adventures, making ski movies is about more than finding an epic line. Watch what they did:…VT Ski and Ride Magazine
You captured so much of why I love East Burke and Burke Mountain. Been coming here since 1986. It is the place I come to reboot! Thank you for giving tribute to an amazing community!!!Cindy Ford
We were visited by the talented Alba Adventures over opening weekend. This is the first time they’ve visited our little corner of the Kingdom and we think they definitely “got it”. Thanks for capturing and sharing your experience with us here in East Burke, Vermont. Just another reason why we love calling this place our home…anytime of the year.Burke Mountain
Our joys collected over time are what fuels Burke’s Resilience. This winter come escape to the Last Little Corner of Vermont and experience Burke’s Beauty and Resilience! You brilliantly captured the essence of our True North and reminded us of what being apart of the Burke Community is all about… Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! ❤️ Bravo!Willow Burke Boutique Inn and Lodge
I must commend you and your family on this. You eloquently captured the last little corner of not only Vermont but in many ways New England as a whole. I do hope you would consider filming another video of the area. If you ever are interested in some local perspective to share, there are a few spots I recommend you checking out. You definitely got what it’s all about up here!WillowBurke
It’s amazing to think this was filmed LAST WEEK! Look at all that snow!!!
Thank You! Ray, It was a pleasure meeting you and your beautiful family.Amazing video! Let us know when you are back up in the NEK.Taylor Peyton
The folks at Alba Adventures have done it again. Taking advantage of #Snovember in #Vermont. Check out their recent visit to #Burke in the #NorthEastKingdom.
When I got turned on to Alba Family Adventures last season my reaction was that it is reminiscent of early Warren Miller but with a family vibe. Their pieces seek out the soul of the sport rather than the spectacle. They are not simply the Alba family. They are every family. Watch them, but see yourself.P. Martin Pro Ski Instructor at Killington
It was so awesome having you here Ray and to meet the whole fam!
We can’t wait for you to come back! I can’t wait till I actually get a session in this time 🤣😂, with ya’ll, hear how things have been.
Jerrell Aviles Burke Mountain
There is such a wide range of great content producers in the ski world now a days and this family captures their corner of it perfectly. Fam fun. Check em out.Nick Steers Pro FreeRide Skier
Une très belle famille nous décrit en vidéo son expérience à Tremblant.
Leur devise: une famille qui skie ensemble reste ensemble.
Tremblant Express
You captured the emotional component which is so elusive here, but that all of Bolton’s long time fateful know and hold so dear. I’m impressed you found that in your short time here, I do hope you’ll come back and spend time with us again in the future, with or without cameras. Thank you, really, your work is absolutely beautiful. I don’t know that we really have anything else that quite captures the special place Bolton Valley holds in all of our hearts. With tremendous gratitude.S. Pelligrini
You are the people who make it happen, the people with the vision. Everything is impossible until you do it. Nothing is impossible once you do.Pam Martin
A great mountain and a Great Tribute.Erin Canniff
Ahhh, my beloved Bolton Valley! It actually gave me a chill watching it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pinched myself when thinking this place is 18 minutes from my door and that I can head up at 3 pm on a Wed afternoon, ski for a few hours and be home by dinner. It’s a special place. You did it justice. Good job!A Duback
Great video! Best idea of what all of Mt. Snow trails are like. Well done!Beagly B.
Wow, Very moving tribute to your son. Beautifully shot video. Family time is so precious I have never been skiing but I look forward to the experience with my daughter someday.Gabrisan
Nice! Touching ending! Your family has so much love and adds a real dimension to hugs!Phil M.
Such a beautiful tribute to Rocky. His spirit is with you always!Robin
Beautiful video and heartfelt sentiment.Joe M.
Here is one of many great family ski videos from my good friend Ray Alba. This one especially hits home to all families with kids.Shawn C.
Ray, Alicia, Rocky, Sandro, and Nevada are a blessing for me to know and see celebrate life. Even though Rocky was taken from the Albas in life, their love for him radiates each day and their celebrations with him continue in their family bonds.J. Turco
Ray and Alicia…that was beautiful and the narrative made me cry! Very touching!Ana A.
Beautiful video Ray and Alicia. Your family and your unique and powerful perspective on life and parenting is often in my thoughts.Greg Miller
Love it! We have done our last run of the season and I already miss it.Sara S.
I really enjoy watching your videos, they really capture what the spirit of skiing is about……… Fun, family, friends and good turns on mountains.Ralph S.
Enjoyed watching… keep it up. I’m a beginner skier. I’ll get to intermediate level .Madeline D.
I really like Alba Adventures. The videos capture a great deal of what makes skiing such a great family adventure. Waiting to help “host” a Single Chair version. The Nature Half Pipe vídeo at MRG was epic !!Kevin S.
Nice footage in ice castle and half pipe.B.D.
Thank you for providing good content to feature. This is the sort of thing I’m always looking for.EpicSki
Nice video – you guys are awesome skiers – your little ones are killing it – have fun and Happy Thanksgiving.Joe D.
Very cool, we give it two thumbs up!Hunter Mountain
I had to check out your Mohawk Mountain video. That has been our “home mountain” for years. It made me smile!Tvan
I enjoyed it – makes me want to go skiing with my family! Way to get after it, jealous.Ammer T.
Seriously, good story, nicely paced, esp. at the end when it gets that slow, end of day feeling. Your son’s narration seemed to improve as he went; I liked your music selection, and your judicious use of slo-mo.A.M.
Very cool ending!!! You have all gotten to be such awesome skiers. I don’t know how you get all the great live action footage, it’s incredible!Ana A.
Fantastic, really fun to watch!!Ty L.
Great film Ray. Very well made and edited.Renegade S.
We love Pico.SkiTheEast
Well, this videos made me think! It is refreshing to watch a video like this where it isn’t about zipper lines, cliff jumps or tight trees. There is always so much talk about how boring skiing or snowboarding is on groomers and more open glades but this video shows you all having fun and I applaud you for that. I am not a bumps all day or a trees all day skier (it is part of the day), in fact, it is nice to hit some nice open terrain. We like to mix it up. Sounds like your family has fun no matter what you ski!D.L.
Super job at capturing the spirit of family skiing! It was fun to see regular people highlighted with short segments of each skiing. The kids put a smile on my face. You catch a lot of interesting details we might normally rush past on a busy ski day, such as signs, machinery, quiet views. Loved the last run sequence. Very effective narration throughout by Mrs. Alba. The authenticity and lack of pretension in your videos is the best sort of promotion a place like Pico could ask for.JMK
Beautiful!Shahshank A.
Your video storytelling about Alicia’s injury literally brought tears to my eyes – it seems like you have your family priorities straight.Anonymous
Can’t wait for the next episode.Beth G.
I just love the music and the story telling at the end of this.. I think this might be your best video yet.Anonymous
Love love looooove it!!! Ahh, that powder!! And the great skiing!! And Alicia is a pro as always as a narrator. Awesome work!!Runa L.
Great video with some excellent turns.Kevin S.
Nice work! It tells a good story. Best Christmas ever!Matt D.
Love this. Sentimental too. Ray Alba bravo!Adam A
Love this video. Really strikes a universal theme that connects all skiers. Even though everyone’s story is different, I feel like I can relate to them all.Jeff F.
I loved seeing the kids share their stories: they will be taking all of this forward!Michael M.
Man, what an awesome concept for a video!Drew P.
We thought your season 4 was great – Season 5 – is AWESOME! Your best yet!!!!!Anonymous
It never hurts to know about excellent content creators like the Alba Family.Anne R. from High Peaks Resorts
Just saw it. Makes me want to leave and go there….The view is breathtaking, Alicia’s voice is perfect. Thank you for letting me view this. You all are an inspiration to me! Loved it!!!!Rose S.
What an awesome tribute to this fantastic place we call home!… Alba Adventures! Can’t wait to see your smiling faces again! GORGEOUS video! LOVE it!Christine Pemberton A Maine Thing
This explains everything I feel about Maine!Meredith A
This is fantastic. I have lived in Maine my entire life and yet this still gave me goosebumps…! Fantastic footage, and you are correct that it captures the feeling and beauty of this little corner of the world we call Maine.Joe T. The Bean Group
The voice directs my intellect to a thought, while the video expands emotion. I do not merely hear what you are saying, I FEEL what you are saying.Pamela M.
Alicia’s voice is so soothing, she should do meditation videos!!Anonymous
Your stuff is great , well scripted , well shot and relatable.Warp D.
Love watching the Alba’s family ski adventures. Skiing is a wonderful way to bond with nature, your inner self, family and friends, not to mention the physical health benefits. Keep up the good work.E. Ezrick
The Albas take family ski movies to a whole other level – I was thoroughly entertained.Anonymous
“They put a lot of effort into creating the story” … that’s a fact. And they do it for the love of the game.”NYSkiBlog
LOVED your video! Instead of skiers taking insane lines in places I will never even see, much less ski, these are skiers and places I can relate to evoking memories of things I have experienced. Just exactly what I needed on a drizzly, humid day in July.P. Martin
Families are sometimes fun. But my family brings it to a whole new level of fun. We go skiing in the largest mountain in the eastern hemisphere.Alessandro Alba
Great edit and detail. Can almost feel the sea air!Gabriel
Absolutely amazing… Didn’t want it to end!! I’m so impressed, more please!! And like someone else said, Sandro sounds just like you, Alicia… Can’t wait for the next one!Runa
Ray you are a video wiz and a master story teller! Thanks for including Sylvie & me in your video, we had a lot of fun skiing with you and your family!ADKJeff
Super awesome Ray! Really man, your shots and editing are really good. Nice work.RA