2020 a Year to Remember

If it were only just our Imagination

If it were only just our Imagination. 2020 Has been one hell of a year hasn’t it? The last 9 months have been surreal.

Life as we knew it ended on our last weekend of skiing on epic powder conditions at Smuggler’s Notch.  It was our first time at Smuggs and our first time skiing with the Donnelly family. Their kids and our kids hit it off! Filming “Imagination” was so much fun and it was going to be the best spring skiing ever!  It indeed felt like we had been transported inside a snow globe!

It seems like almost a lifetime ago. Seeing the kids with pure joy outside having fun.

Last Run of 2020! At Smugglers’ Notch with The Donnelly Family and a huge bonus that our adopted daughter Tali Crowley joined us.

The week before  Smuggs the kids were on their February break and we were of course – skiing. The first weekend of the break was not short of amazing! Skiing in springlike conditions, with our extended ski family in areas we were never able to ski before at Pico. Things could not have been more perfect. It was probably one of the best days at Pico ever!  It will certainly be one the kids will always remember. 

An undisclosed location at Pico. Sandro having a rare moment taking it all in.

With both Ray and I having to work in the middle of the February break  we left the kids up in VT with their uncle, honorary aunt and cousins. They would have much more fun staying in VT, than sitting at home playing video games in NYC.  While Ray and I were back home, we moved our apartment around to give the kids each their own bedroom.  It was a big surprise, and it would never have gotten done with the kids at home.

At the end of the most amazing run ever at Pico, with the McKeons, our honorary cousin Jillian Martin, and our other adopted daughter Mia Crowley

Ray and I headed back up to VT, and had plans to celebrate Nevada’s Birthday with all of our ski friends. But when we returned,  the ski conditions had been so bad during the week, everyone had decided to head home early.  At the time we were okay with it, because we figured we would get to see them in March, when we knew the snow conditions would be better. Sadly that never happened.

We came home after February break and the kids were pretty excited to have their own bedrooms. Who knew that two weeks later we would be homeschooling, like the rest of the country and doing Zoom meetings from our own rooms? 

The past 9 months have been a blur with one day melting into another. While we know we are fortunate to have our health and both of us still working,  it has not been easy. We have been able to do a few day trips and a little hiking here and there, but it is not the same. We miss seeing our friends and doing the things we love. 

A summer hike

We certainly hope that 2021 will bring the changes needed, so we can all go back to the lives we want to start living again.

With much love,

The Alba Family

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