Off-Season 5 Episode 4 – Lake Day – Lake George, NY

As a reward to American Soldiers after the Revolutionary War, land was given around what was formerly called Lac Du Saint-Sacrement. Those first pioneers established what we now know as Lake George.

Known for its clear cool water, Lake George at the Southeastern Point of the Adirondack Park has become a popular destination since it became accessible.

Our friends give us a first hand tour of the Lake. Starting in Huddle Bay, we head to “The Narrows”, a popular destination on Lake George, that has many islands to recreate, including a store on Glenn Island.

At 32 miles long and depths of almost 200 feet the lake remains cool even on hot days. With warm sun beating down on the glittering water, it makes it irresistible to take a splash.

Seeing the century old Mohican making a tour, is as impressive as it might have been, to the first wealthy to set up their summer retreats on Millionaire’s Row.

If you want more than just taking in the views of mountainous wooded shores of this “Queen of American Lakes”, there are many exciting water sports.

Once just a wilderness, waiting to be harnessed, now a Lake Day we all want to enjoy.


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