Season 5 Episode 7 – Nature’s Bounty – Whiteface Mountain, NY

2019 Official Selection Lake Placid Film Festival – Short Films Competition


Nature’s Bounty

When people think of NY,
They think of of NYC.
And the grandness of of its buildings,
That line the streets of Manhattan.
But when you walk in this vast city,
You become minute amongst its vast metropolis,
Like canyons over you.

But if you take a drive up to the Adirondacks,
You will find some of the highest peaks,
East of the Rockies,
And among them —Whiteface.

Just down the road,
You will find the quaint town of Lake Placid.
Home to 2 Winter Olympics.
We peruse the strip,
And take in its history,
Before we head to get in some Big East Skiing.
At 3400 vertical feet,
It offers the most continuous vertical in the East,
And rivals many ski mountains out West.

As the day progressed,
The clouds gave way,
To what eventually became a bluebird day.

With the slides closed,
With opted to play on Upper Skyward,
The Men’s Olympic Run in the 1980 Olympics.
With our fill of Upper Whiteface,
We decide it is the right time,
To do some lower mountain runs.

At Whiteface in New York’s Adirondacks,
You are sure to find– Nature’s Bounty.

Thank you Saratoga Skier



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How to ski Whiteface


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