Season 5 Episode 5 – Walking Boss – Loon Mountain, NH


Walking Boss” an old logging term for the supervisor of logging crews often walking between camps. Loon’s founder, Governor Adams, was a walking boss for the logging company Parker-Young, before heading to Washington as President Eisenhower’s Chief of Staff. After returning home from Washington, Adams returned to his true love in the mountains.

Walking Boss a ski run at Loon Mountain, with 40 percent grade, it is known as one of the steepest groomed runs in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Sherman Adams returned home to Lincoln, NH, to find the perfect ski mountain,
With ease of access, and terrain for all abilities, it would be ideal for families.

With over 30,000 visiting Loon Peak in the first year, it now has many more.

It soon expanded to the North Peak.

And then to its South Peak,

It is here we met with new friends.

We head to Loon Peak to finish our day.

We head back to Loon Peak to finish our day.

With Loon’s expansions, you can be sure, Sherman Adams would be a happy Walking Boss.



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