Peaceful Valley (by Alicia Alba) 

Every Friday, 
We head out of the city;
To escape the hustle and bustle,
And to find our little  piece of serenity.

This weekend is no different.
We are especially excited,
Because we are headed to Gore Mountain,
A place we have not skied in many years.

It truly is a beautiful place.
By taking just a short Gondola from the base,
You find yourself, 
In the middle of the Adirondack Park.

It is a place,
To lose oneself in its tranquility.
Those that find it, 
Know the feeling.

You return.
Even if just for a little while,
To get that feeling once again, 
Of Peaceful Valley.


 Quotes: “Absolutely amazing... Didn't want it to end!! I'm so impressed, more please!! And like someone else said, Sandro sounds just like you, Alicia... Can't wait for the next one!”
by Runa

Location: Gore Mountain, NY

Shot with Nikon p7700 and Firefly6S

Thank you NYSkiBlog and Saratoga Skier!