Season 5 Episode 6 – Redemption – Pico Mountain, VT

2019 Sierra Nevada Award Winner   – Mountain Film Festival


The ski season has been far from exceptional.
Not knowing what each day will bring,

We still pursue our passion for skiing.
We dream of snow and Winter’s return.

Waiting, Wishing

Seeing the news, we realize these storms are dangerous,
But see a silver lining.

Despite are better judgement,

We make a disappointing failed attempt.

With frustration we return to work,
To only leave the next day.

Arriving at the mountain,
We are excited at what the days will bring.

Knowing many of our friends are here,
We know these will be exciting times.

And then “it” happened.
It started to snow and it hasn’t stopped.

Winter has had its……


Alicia Alba
Ray Alba
Sandro Alba
Nevada Alba
Jeffrey Farbaniec
Beth Gelber
Daniel Farbaniec
Sylvie Farbaniec
Josh Moran
Audrey Eckert
Kirsten Erlandsen-Eckert
Sam Jafarian
Sarah Founds
Derrick Gibbs
Ross Camiel
Chris Crowley
Talia Crowley



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