Season 5 Episode 8 – Thirteen – Jay Peak Resort, VT

For the last 6 years we have made this journey. Forging north to the edge of Vermont. Visiting Jay Peak has become a family tradition. And whether it is playing in its waterpark, skiing, commemorating our son, or celebrating birthdays, Jay Peak has become a special place. We are fortunate this time to be here to celebrate our son’s 13th.

I think the originating unlikely founders, a teacher, reverend and salesman would be amazed at how Jay Peak has transformed from a single Poma lift with one open trail, to the full fledged destination resort it has become today.

Arriving at the summit and looking onto Big Jay, we take a moment to reflect.

We warm up quickly on the Vermonter and into what makes Jay Peak the ultimate skier’s destination, the chutes. And glades galore.

We head to stateside where you can see it’s Austrian roots on runs like Kitzbuhel.

We break for lunch and  fuel up. But quickly head back out and over to tram-side,  Crisscrossing across it’s 3 peaks.  No day would be complete at Jay without partaking in the fun of the waterpark.

This day is particularly special, as our son,  now of age is able to take his rite of passage on “la chute”.

Certainly he will always remember turning……13.

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