Season 5 Episode 9 – King of Spring- Killington Resort, VT

Thank you all for a wonderful ski season!

With no roads connecting, the Green Mountains were once divided from the East to the West.

It wasn’t long after Killington was discovered, it’s development that it became regarded as the “Ruler of the Land”.

In the Spring, clans from all over come together to make a few extra turns, seeking its soft corn snow.

With longer days, it means more time to play.

But you can never get enough,

Whether it’s finishing off your season,

Getting 100 days,

Or a million vertical feet,

Your season is not complete without hitting the soft spring bumps on Superstar.

But as the clock ticks forward, the sun beats on the melting snow, it seems like eternal winter in Vermont, but its not. 

With just minutes left, we seize the day, and the reign of the longest season in the East will soon come to a end. See you next year…… the King of Spring.

Skiers –

Alicia Alba
Ray Alba
Sandro Alba
Nevada Alba
Brad Fahsel
MIke Moran
Kirsten Erlandsen-Eckert
Mike Mahalati
Anabel Wahlers
John Giuffo
Sam Jafarian
Chris Haas
Dan Sell
Ben Smith

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