Season 5 Episode 2 – Winter’s Promise – Pico Mountain, VT

Winter’s Promise – by Alicia Alba

Most people think of winter as the
coldest season of the year,
for hibernating
for migrating
(To some place warm)

But we say if you are going to live in the cold
you might as well
start skiing and
join in the fun.

You never know what to expect,
Every year will be different.
Just when you think it will never be
Or there will just be a deep freeze,
It will happen…

While your body will be chilled at first,
Your heart will be warmed
Just go with it
And tough it out.

It’s not until you experience the elements,
That you thought were ice needles
will turn to Diamond Dust…

And it is then that you will be waiting for Winter’s Promise….

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